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Rewilding Experiences: join the field activities to know about rewilding

May 13, 2023  |  News

Rewilding Apennines extends its program to make people experience the rewilding initiatives in the Central Apennines.
The “Rewilding Experiences” are born, 3 possibilities to join the rewilding field actions. It is possible to join on the field for one day or for a one-week experience. For organizations, a two-day customized format has been designed to get them acquainted with rewilding principles.

A map to improve coexistence with large predators

April 17, 2023  |  News

Coexistence between large predators and humans is essential to conservation. An innovative map, created thanks to the collaboration between scientists and local communities, highlights the critical areas and contributes to the planning of coexistence and conservation measures designed to meet the needs of the territory.