The fate of migratory birds

May 12, 2024  |  News

An international study investigated the causes of mortality of 45 species of migratory birds on the African-Eurasian flyway, revealing a worrying picture: almost 40% of the deaths are human-induced.

If Verde Falls were no longer there tomorrow

April 22, 2024  |  News

On World Earth Day, we want to be proactive and share an open letter sent to regional, national and European institutions to counter the risk of further water abstraction from the spring that feeds the Rio Verde River and its namesake Falls, compromising the entire river ecosystem!

Rewilding Apennines opens a job vacancy

November 27, 2023  |  News

  There’s a new job opportunity with Rewilding Apennines! We’re looking for a full-time Communications Officer who either lives in or is willing to relocate long-term to the Central Apennines. The role involves actively contributing to the growth of the rewilding movement at the local, national, and international levels by engaging all stakeholders. The Communications … Continued

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