Hiring a field officer to monitor griffon vultures

April 9, 2021

Rewilding Apennines is looking for a part-time Vulture Field Officer to monitor griffon vultures in Central Apennines!

Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) feeding on carcass on mountain plateau. Abruzzo, Central Apennines.
Bruno D'Amicis / Rewilding Europe

In our rewilding area we are increasing the commitment for the protection of this scavenger species, which has a key ecological role in the circle of life, to favor the population growth and to prevent the human-related threats.

That is why we need a qualified and motivated person whose tasks are the vultures’ monitoring, to elaborate distribution maps of the population, to identify together with other entities that we collaborate with the best strategies to mitigate some criticalities with the local communities (unfortunately, poisoning is still one of the griffons’ causes of death) and to reduce the risk factors for these animals.

The job position will be open until April 23rd 2021. For all the details, please check out the terms of reference file of this work opportunity.