Tag: Human-wildlife coexistence

Rewilding in Italy

September 18, 2023  |  News

A seminar to talk about the state of the art and the future perspectives of the rewilding in our Country.

The Eurasian beaver is making a comeback to Italy: living alongside

July 16, 2023  |  Blog

The appearance of small groups of Eurasian beavers (Castor fiber) in various areas of the Italian territory has attracted the attention of the scientific community. The return of this species after more than five hundred years of absence and its ability to change the landscape highlights the potential for coexistence with a wild animal species relatively unknown in Italy.

Rewilding Open Day: an event to meet young people and beyond

May 28, 2023  |  News

Why should we engage in regeneration of ecosystems, conservation of nature, reintroduction of animal and plant species and benefits for communities? Rewilding Apennines and the European Young Rewilders in the person of its coordinator Giulia Testa, will talk about what it means to deal with rewilding and what prospects this sector offers in a meeting dedicated especially to young people.

Rewilding Experiences: join the field activities to know about rewilding

May 13, 2023  |  News

Rewilding Apennines extends its program to make people experience the rewilding initiatives in the Central Apennines.
The “Rewilding Experiences” are born, 3 possibilities to join the rewilding field actions. It is possible to join on the field for one day or for a one-week experience. For organizations, a two-day customized format has been designed to get them acquainted with rewilding principles.