New griffon vulture initiative to improve the circle of life in the Central Apennines

December 15, 2021

We are launching a new initiative aiming at increasing the population size of scavenging birds in the Central Apennines.

Griffon vulture Bruno D'Amicis

Funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) together with the valuable partnership and support of Carabinieri Forestali (former Corpo Forestale dello Stato – State Forest Service) and of Protected Areas’ authorities, volunteers and local communities will boost actions for the conservation of griffon vultures and thus positively impact also all wildlife sharing its habitat.

Through the “Improving the Circle of Life in the Central Apennines” grant we will increase the number of GPS-tagged griffon vultures from 25 in 2021 to 45 in 2022-2023 and will also carry out more patrolling activities done by the Vulture Field Officer, volunteers and Carabinieri Forestali from 95 in 2021 to 150 in 2022-2023 scaling up the detection of poisoned animals, clearing contaminated carcasses and making the area safe for all wildlife.



Griffon vulture on power lines STAFFAN WIDSTRAND / REWILDING EUROPE

Monitoring via GPS, camera traps and direct observations will guide our actions and contribute to creating a healthier environment, monitoring and reducing poison events and enabling both obligate and opportunistic scavengers to consume carcasses safely.

There are more threats in addition to poison. Rewilding Apennines will also engage in surveys of wind turbines and power lines to detect dead birds and estimate collision risks and plan mitigation interventions.



“This is a complex initiative which reunites a variety of local stakeholders. From police, park and veterinary authorities to NGOs, farmers, tourists and tourism entrepreneurs, we are all involved in the conservation of the griffon vulture and we want to emphasise the benefits that everybody receives from this species and identify and reduce threats posed on these birds.” Says Vulture Field Officer Nicolò Borgianni.


Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) feeding on carcass on mountain plateau. Abruzzo, Central Apennines, Italy. Sep 2012

We plan to lead griffon-related tours and events in the area to raise further awareness about the ecological relevance of the griffon vulture for the precious ecosystem services they provide the local communities.