Bear cub killed by poacher

October 29, 2023  |  News

At the end of September, a bear cub, born last year, fell dead from a poacher’s weapon in the Radosi area, near the Xino Nero village of Florina! The unfortunate bear, which was still at an age where it has not been separated from its mother, was spotted by a local livestock breeder who informed … Continued

The Green Fund supports the LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors project

July 27, 2022  |  Nea

Il  Consiglio Direttivo del Green Fund ha approvato la copertura di una parte dei fondi obbligatori dei partner greci del progetto LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors (LIFE20 NAT/NL/001107), nell’ambito del bando per il cofinanziamento dei progetti LIFE approvati nel 2022. Il LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors ha lo scopo di incrementare le popolazioni dell’iconico orso bruno in Appennino centrale … Continued

New EU funding to support living with bears in Europe

May 25, 2022  |  Nea

Coordinated by Rewilding Europe, 12 partners from Italy and Greece are kicking off a new EU-funded programme that will support living harmoniously with bears in Europe. The LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors initiative will support the development of a network of communities in coexistence corridors.