New film series set to showcase and scale up European rewilding

April 27, 2022

The Central Apennines will be featured in a new series of short films showcasing the work of our partner Rewilding Europe and the various rewilding areas across Europe thanks to a partnership with global law firm Hogan Lovells.

By demonstrating the beneficial impact of our rewilding efforts, this exciting series will boost outreach and help to scale up rewilding.

Il premiato regista Emmanuel Rondeau produrrà la nuova serie di film sul rewilding Susan Wright / Rewilding Europe

Wild about film   

Bringing people closer than ever to rewilding and the work of Rewilding Europe and it’s partners. At least six short films of up to 20 minutes will be produced over the next two to three years, showcasing the rewilding vision of specific rewilding landscapes, the rewilding actions being carried out in these landscapes, and how these actions are benefitting wild nature and people.  


These captivating and intimate portrayals of practical rewilding will be filmed by award-winning French filmmaker Emmanuel Rondeau of White Fox Pictures, who also shot Zimbrul – a beautiful short film about the rewilding of European bison in the Southern Carpathians – in 2019. Production has been made possible by a new partnership between Rewilding Europe and global law firm Hogan Lovells, which will see the latter provide core funding for the production over the next three years. 

Film offers a way to bring people closer to rewilding and the work we are doing.

Demonstrating and inspiring 

Over the next 10 years we have a unique opportunity to upgrade nature for the first time in human history. As we look towards 2030 and beyond, the only way to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for Europe and the planet is to rewild areas at landscape scale, reducing human control and letting nature take care of itself, in line with rewilding principles. 


The new film series will also be shot in the Central Apennines with the guidance and support of Rewilding Apennines and local partners. It will present the rewilding process and ultimately show the positive results and beneficial impact for people and nature across this important and biodiverse landscape.  

All the films will show that by allowing natural processes to reshape and enhance ecosystems, rewilding can revitalise land and sea, alleviate many of society’s more pressing challenges, and create spaces where wildlife and people can live alongside each other and thrive. 

“With the rewilding movement becoming stronger every day, we believe it is more important than ever to “walk the talk” and demonstrate that rewilding can be done,” says Rewilding Europe’s Head of Communications Laurien Holtjer. “By showing the amazing rewilding efforts of all of our teams and their positive impact on nature as people, these exciting new films will inspire even more people and organisations to become involved in rewilding. I’m thrilled to have Emmanuel on board and can’t wait to see the final outcome.” 

Showcasing the rewilding efforts of our local teams has the potential to inspire more people and organisations to become involved in rewilding.

Critical support 

The support of Hogan Lovells is critical to the production of the new film series. The firm already supports Rewilding Europe and its member organisations with pro bono (free of charge) legal advice and other forms of non-financial support. 

The new partnership between Hogan and Rewilding Europe is intended to serve the scaling and further development of rewilding across Europe. 


“Supporting Rewilding Europe helps us to promote biodiversity and play an active role in creating a wilder world,” says Logan Hovells partner Manon Cordewener. “It’s so rewarding to be able to use our resources to raise awareness for this amazing initiative and provide our legal knowledge and experience to develop rewilding landscapes.”  


As part of the firm’s Responsible Business programme to promote biodiversity and environmental protection, Hogan Lovells has been supporting rewilding efforts in Finland through the work of Snowchange – a Finnish NGO engaged in peatland and forest restoration – since 2019. Snowchange is a long-term member of Rewilding Europe’s European Rewilding Network, and has received several loans from Rewilding Europe Capital 

Hogan Lovells has also been supporting peatland and forest restoration efforts in Finland through the work of Finnish NGO Snowchange.
Janne Raassina


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