“Italicus” at Sulmona, the thematic event on wolf

November 7, 2023
Apennine wolf.
Bruno D'Amicis

Saturday 11 November in Sulmona, at the auditorium in the historic SS. Annunziata Palace, the conference “Italicus. The wolf in the Belpaese between conservation and coexistence“, dedicated entirely to one of the most fascinating and charismatic species of Italian fauna, will take place.

The history of this large predator in our Country is full of ups and downs, of encounters and clashes with our species, of a millennia-long journey that has forged our culture, our economy and contributed to reshaping our landscapes thanks to its presence.

The associations Io non ho paura del lupo and Rewilding Apennines wanted to organize a thematic conference to learn about the wolf, examining together with experts, professionals and other organizations the multiple aspects involving conservation and coexistence.

The event includes a structured program. In fact, we will talk about wolf monitoring in protected areas and in ecological corridors and the state of the Italian population 50 years after its spontaneous recovery; the relationship between human and wolf and of measures to prevent and compensate for damage; hybridization and poaching; good coexistence practices especially dedicated to breeders, with whom a round table will be held; communication of large carnivores on social networks and the socioeconomic opportunities linked to observations of wolves in nature; wolves close to urban centers and the theme of fear towards this animal. The event’s special guest will be Professor Luigi Boitani, a pioneer of wolf research in Italy and one of the world’s leading experts on the carnivore.

“It is increasingly urgent and important to create events that bring together technicians, experts, breeders and stakeholders with the public. We are convinced that knowledge, discussion and good communication are necessary today more than ever to coexist with the most controversial and fascinating predator in our Country”, declared the President of Io non ho paura del lupo Daniele Ecotti.

“Italicus” is patronized by the Municipality of Sulmona and is organized thanks to the support of Rewilding Europe which, as part of its European Rewilding Network, supports communication and involvement initiatives on a local scale dedicated to human-wildlife coexistence.

The event, which can be accessed upon registration, is almost full and the auditorium of the SS. Annunziata could be sold out for a theme that still arouses great interest among a wide audience today.

“This conference aims to increase knowledge about the wolf and the awareness that committing to coexistence is possible and beneficial for everyone, as evidenced by the great variety of speakers who will speak”, reiterated Mario Cipollone, team leader of Rewilding Apennines, thrilled that this initiative is being held in the beautiful historic center of the city of Sulmona, which is also the heart of the Central Apennines rewilding landscape.