Sustainability & Replication

Sustainability & Replication

Beyond enhancing the viability of (Marsican) brown bear populations, the ultimate goal of LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors is to apply a model of positive coexistence (successfully developed in North America) to Europe. By implementing Bear-Smart Communities in both Italy and Greece and carrying out a variety of communication activities we hope to facilitate replication across Europe, as a coexistence model for other endangered species as well.

F1. LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors Management & Progress Monitoring

This action will help to ensure smooth and timely collaboration between all partners and monitors the progress of all actions so that LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors will succesfully enhance human-bear coexistence. Overall coordination among partners will be the responsibility of Rewilding Europe as the coordinating beneficiary.

F2. After-LIFE Conservation Plan

All efforts supported through the EU’s LIFE Programme require a so-called ‘After-LIFE plan’ to ensure long-term use and continuation of the developed actions, knowledge and results. Efforts in both Italy and Greece are already aiming to empower public entities and the private sector to commit to their involvement in the Bear-Smart Communities and to sustain and develop their coexistence efforts. Among others, further actions will include development of nature-based tourism and the ongoing engagement with local entrepreneurs, including joined support of the Bear Fund, which aims to invest in rewilding actions across the corridors (Italy).